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Framework to address complex societal challenges by adopting Emerging Technologies

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Pavilion is a technological platform introduced by Big Innovation Centre to ultimately bring together all the stakeholders of society. Stakeholders include government institutions, businesses, academia, and independent citizens who are all co-innovators on Pavilion, driven by a shared goal of creating a future-ready adaptive environment for all.

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Emerging Technology is becoming increasingly mainstream in professional and personal lives of people. It plays a crucial role in every process involved in business operations. 

A strategic Innovation Framework focuses on actively prioritising and implementing a workflow that is coherent, inclusive, and helps achieve a collective goal. 

BIC India organises thought-provoking and solution-driven webinar sessions for our members and knowledge-enriching webinars for non-members.

BIC conducts self-paced video-driven, interactive and hands-on training aimed at students, working professionals, and corporates. Our training is delivered in two methods: instructor-led interactive training, and self-paced learning, based on Emerging Technologies.


From UK-Ecosystem

Ashok Vaswani

Barclays sincerely believes that a digital revolution is upon us and that it is much bigger than the industrial revolution. We do recognize that any such revolution has huge social cost, and this time around we’re committed to leaving no one behind. Technology for the sake of technology is interesting; technology that truly helps and makes people’s lives easier is a big deal and we want to go down that path. I’m really excited about the work that we’re doing together with the Big Innovation Centre. More power to you

Mr. Ashok Vaswani
CEO, Personal & Corporate Banking, Barclays
Andy Haldane

We need a financial system that is capable of delivering patient capital – capital that isn’t seeking short-term returns, the sort of thing that the Centre’s Entrepreneurial Finance Hub is seeking to create

Mr. Andy Haldane
Chief Economist, Bank of England
The Right Honourable Dr Vince Cable

Will Hutton [Chair, Big Innovation Centre] and his team have made a really important contribution to our thinking so I want to thank him for that. I look forward to working with him and his team and congratulate them on managing to launch the Big Innovation Centre in the way that they have

Mr. Aysan William
British MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills
Dr Jackie Parkin

GSK is eager to take the opportunity to help UK break through innovation barriers as a part of the Big Innovation Centre’s vibrant research and evidence-driven approach. The inclusion of business as integral collaborators is novel, the experience from industry of innovation has largely been missing in research to date and it brings an important additional perspective that we hope will contribute to innovative solutions

Dr Jackie Parkin
VP Medicine Development Leader, Type 1 Diabetes

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