According to recent reports, the Global Blockchain Market is thriving in the postpandemic period. The Supply Chain Industry that was slowly adopting Blockchain Technology is now picking up pace. It is stated that the postpandemic Global Blockchain and Supply Chain market size has extended to a much greater number and is expected to reach from USD 253 million in the year 2020 to USD 3,272 million by 2026.  

Evaluating the present situation, it can be said that Blockchain Technology has taken a giant leap forward in the Supply chain industry. But How? 

Big Innovation Centre, India, hosted its second Blockchain Series Webinar on 17th February 2021. Referring to Blockchain Technology’s demand, there is a staggering need to clear the air about Blockchain. Thus, our webinar ‘Tracing the Path for Supply chain with Blockchain’ was our effort to discuss the Role of Blockchain in the Supply Chain Industry.  

The Webinar started with the introduction of our Moderator, Mr Jay (CSO, Big Innovation Centre, India) and the highly acclaimed Panelists, Ms Mohua Sengupta (Blockchain Evangelist and Seasoned IT Services Leader), Mr Anuj Kumar Garg (Innovation Leader, IBM) and Mr Fernando Santiago- Cajaraville. Along this, the Webinar moved the lines of a brief discussion about Blockchain and the Supply chain unification, bringing a little perspective about the rest of the session.  

The Webinar covered three major Sub- Topics, how is Blockchain remodelling the Global Supply Chain, Improving data quality with Blockchain, Supply chain financing with Blockchain and discussed the various case studies regarding, how blockchain has boosted the Global Supply chain during the Pandemic. The Webinar ended with a perspicuous summarization of Blockchain and its potential to uplift the Supply chain Market.  

If you have missed the webinar and want to hear the experts talk about it, Click Here