Tech Talk- ‘Blockchain and Digital Identity- Possibilities and Illustrations’.

We live in a Data-Centric world and lives have been revolving around the internet for quite some time now. Our IDs and Passwords have created a digital identity for us that remain vulnerable in the absence of a guard. Blockchain as the Distributed Ledger Technology, provides Digital Identity Management inducing the structured growth of our Digital Economy. Blockchain acts as the pillar of existing technology architecture and infrastructure of every Government and Private Enterprise to secure and protect against data breaches, cyberattack and hacking.  

On 24th March 2021, Big Innovation Centre India hosted its first Tech Talk on the topic ‘Blockchain and Digital Identity- Possibilities and Illustrations’. The purpose of the talk was to reflect upon the role of Blockchain in safeguarding Digital Identities throughout various institutions and even government. The event was moderated by Mr Jay (Mentor, Big Innovation Centre, India) who led the talk with our speakers Mr Anuj Kumar Garg, Mr Fernando Santiago-Cajaraville and Mr Kamlesh Nagware.  

 The elaborated discussion revolved around Digital Economy and New Value Creation, Retail, Consumer Goods & Lifestyle and Internet Governance with other questions taken by our speakers provided by the attendees. We also put up 2 Poll Questions that reason with the opinion of the attendees over the topic.  

 To sum up the event, Blockchain leverages establishing, tracking and maintaining Digital Identities of individuals in the internet space, backing up classified information. In case you have missed the Tech Talk, you can visit our Youtube page and watch.