The concept of Blockchain meant for Cryptocurrency grazes reality and truth because Blockchain is a vast concept that is benefitting the present society in various ways. One of the significant contributions is to automate commercial transaction. So, Big Innovation Centre, India produced an opportunity for all to know this Emerging Technology a lot better. We hosted a webinar on 30th November 2020. 

The insightful webinar started with the opening address of Mr Debjyoti Deb (Associate Manager Marketing, Big Innovation Centre, India) and proceeded to introduce the Moderator of the evening, Mr Jay (Chief Operating Officer for Big Innovation Centre, India). The event moved along with the introduction to our esteemed speakers, Mr Fernando Santiago Cajaraville (Blockchain Research & Project Manager at Big Innovation Centre) and Mr Anuj Kumar Garg (Innovation and Blockchain Leader at IBM). Our panellists further elaborated their views over the subtopics, which were: 

  1. How the Blockchain application is modelled and how it processes transaction?
  2. How will Blockchain evolve in the Future?