Art of Innovation

Though the topic pertains to a vast subject, it is time that we talk about Innovation and realize that we innovate every day. Change is the only constant, and it is change, that directs us to be creative to survive.  

Big Innovation Centre, India, conceptualized an idea that revolves around core Innovation. On 3rd March 2021, we hosted our first ‘BIC Conversation’ and initiated the ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship Series’. The topic was the ‘Art of Innovation’. As the topic, the Conversation held out to be unique due to the presence of two Global Experts, Prof Birgitte Andersen (CEO, Big Innovation Centre, UK) and Mr Jay (CSO, Big Innovation Centre, India). We value the environment knitted by them on 3rd March, which captivated the audience and extended the webinar to an elaborate exchange of ideas on how can we do better to receive the best.  

The webinar encapsulated within three major areas; what is Innovation and Why is it essential to implement it, Types of Innovation and Strategic Advantages through Innovation. We also had a detained presentation by Prof Birgitte Andersen that touched the surfaces of present issues that the world is dealing with. All in all, the webinar was a success that delivered what it promised to offer to its audience.  

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