BIC India has partnered with leading technology and innovation companies like TensorFlow, Data Camp, Silicon Valley Innovation Centre, and Baton Global. Affiliates enlighten our hub of businesses, organisations, intellectuals, and individuals with the knowledge of emerging technologies through a series of workshops and webinars.

Our affiliates provide programmes such as experiential learning programme, immersion programme, corporate culture, digital transformation, and innovation strategy. They play a crucial role in empowering our stakeholders and making them relevant to the contemporary trends and competitive. 


Our India Ecosystem membership programme is suitable for enterprises who are willing to join a hub of thought leaders, innovators, and intellectuals who co-create strategy and innovation frameworks to achieve a collective goal. They can interact with our

  • Knowledge Connect Partner – Consulting and Research companies like Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte contribute to webinars and participate with research inputs in various programmes
  • Industry Connect Partner – Leading Technology  companies like Google,  Microsoft, and IBM and industry vendors contribute to webinars, deliver workshops and showcase solutions
  • Government Connect Partner – participates, contributes and collaborates as an ecosystem player