Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is the leading emerging technology embraced by most developed economies and it is finding its way through the developing economies. There are tremendous benefits of engaging AI in sectors like agriculture, health, education, manufacturing, security, and many other facets. 

Under the Digital India Program, the NITI Aayog initiative is entrusted to create the governance to implement the emerging technologies in transforming the Indian economy for a greater good. NITI Aayog has recognised the potential of Artificial Intelligence and has adopted a “three-pronged” approach to achieve the same. 

BIC UK had the opportunity to participate in advocacy and adaptation of the emerging technologies in a matured economy as the United Kingdom over the last three years. BIC UK is acting as the Secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Artificial Intelligence. BIC UK with its acquired knowledge will direct BIC India to work collaboratively and contribute to transforming the Indian economy for a greater good. 

BIC India mandates to fulfil the concerns identified by NITI Aayog through Task  Forces for each programme to arrive at working solutions by engaging in innovation and co-creation. Experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence are invited to join our Programme to transform our society by sharing their profound knowledge and ideas. 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies that BIC India embraces to achieve a collective goal of transforming our economy. BIC understands how AI can have a transformational value on the economy when implemented perfectly. 

BIC’s AI programme in India will initiate with conducting Evidence Meetings to unravel the economic, social, and ethical implications of adopting AI. These Evidence Meetings will also explore the impact and influence of AI in Education and Enterprises by addressing the right questions. 

BIC’s AI Programme focuses on transforming Academic Institutions and Enterprises that have a direct impact on the economy. There is an emergent and pressing need to empower students with the desired skills to get them future-ready and solve arising societal problems. Companies and Organisations who embrace AI can increase their productivity multifold, create space in the global market,  and ergo bring in a positive impact on the economy.