Innovation Lab

An exclusive and stimulating platform that empowers young and vibrant students to embrace futuristic technologies to solve socio-economic problems by devising a creative innovation ecosystem. Our Innovation Lab is also suitable for academia like colleges and universities.

BIC helps institutions to create incubation centres where raw ideas are converted into real-time business models that solve societal issues. Our Innovation Labs operates in a Think Tank model which comprises students, management, faculty, technology partners, and sponsors. 

Think Tank scrutinises any raw ideas or problems brought about by the students to validate how big an impact the idea can have locally and globally. BIC takes a unique Lab to Market approach to engage in evidence meetings and unravel the complexities of a given problem, perform empirical research to validate, introduce technology to discover innovative solutions, and build ‘what works’ prototypes, deploy the prototypes on a sample population to discover the efficiency of the solution and make it a viable business model. 

We empower innovation labs with emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and also focusing on Cybersecurity. 

Innovation Lab can be beneficial for


It can enhance their brand value and develop intellectual properties as their intangible assets


Get an opportunity to work with industry experts and gain profound knowledge on emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain.


Where they are given an opportunity to  explore  the entrepreneurial skills in them while studying