Blockchain is an emerging transformative technology that enables transparency of data in the most secure way. This technology has been predominantly used in prevailing cryptocurrencies, but the benefits of using Blockchain extends way beyond that. Blockchain can positively transform the supply chain of enterprises and encourage transparency and security.

NITI AAYOG, a think-tank model, created by the Government of India, acknowledges that Blockchain can be “potentially transformative and can enable ease of collaboration for enterprises, and ease of living for citizens by introducing transparency across government and private sectors.”

BIC possesses several years of experience working with the Parliamentarians of the UK for the adaptation of Blockchain technology and has a deep understanding of Blockchain technology and how it will affect society. 

BIC’s Blockchain Programme in India will commence with familiarising how Blockchain can have an impact on the Indian businesses and societies. Task Forces with knowledge and expertise in this technology will,

  • collect evidence that shows how Blockchain can be beneficial for the society and the limitations that accompany it during implementation.
  • conduct Evidence Meetings on how the supply chain can be optimised in businesses using BC
  • empirically collect information on how cyber-security can be achieved using Blockchain

Our Think-Tank for Blockchain comprises of people from varied disciplines like government organisations, businesses, subject matter experts, regulatory bodies, academia, societal representatives, and students and they will take part in each Evidence Meetings to

Build key use cases to explore the potential of Blockchain

Devise practical solutions in terms of policy, regulation, industry practices, and infrastructure development, to achieve the collective goal of transforming societies.

Identify the applicability of Blockchain in diverse sectors.