25th June ‘Role of AI: From Vaccine Development to Distribution’

It has been quite some time since we organized a webinar and deeming at the present scenario, we chose a topic that would be factual and informative for the population. Big Innovation Centre, India took this as an opportunity to address the glaring questions about Vaccine Development and Distribution carried out with the help of various Emerging Technologies like Artificial Intelligence.  

Though it was a tremendous task to find the appropriate speakers who will reflect upon this serious issue, we found our speakers who are performing groundbreaking work in the field that combines Healthcare with Technology.  

On 25th June 2021, we organized our Webinar, ‘Role of AI: From Vaccine Development to Distribution’ with Mr Jay (Mentor, Big Innovation Centre, India) as our Moderator, Ms Smriti Mishra (Head of AI, Earthbanc, Sweden) and Mr Vikram Venkateshwaran (Founder and Editor, Healthcare India).  

The Panel Discussion was framed based on three major subtopics Has AI helped the Medical Fraternity to overcome various challenges due to this Pandemic Covid-19, How will AI help to overcome this Covid-19 situation and Is AI an enabler of Vaccine Development and Distribution? If so, how is it contributing to this process?   

The Webinar touched the surface with case studies are references that also talks about the legal framework and ethical considerations for sharing data before AI. To, sum up, the webinar can be called a step towards understanding Emerging Technologies and their deployment to work towards forming a better society. 

24th March ‘Blockchain and Digital Identity- Possibilities and Illustrations’

Tech Talk- ‘Blockchain and Digital Identity- Possibilities and Illustrations’.

We live in a Data-Centric world and lives have been revolving around the internet for quite some time now. Our IDs and Passwords have created a digital identity for us that remain vulnerable in the absence of a guard. Blockchain as the Distributed Ledger Technology, provides Digital Identity Management inducing the structured growth of our Digital Economy. Blockchain acts as the pillar of existing technology architecture and infrastructure of every Government and Private Enterprise to secure and protect against data breaches, cyberattack and hacking.  

On 24th March 2021, Big Innovation Centre India hosted its first Tech Talk on the topic ‘Blockchain and Digital Identity- Possibilities and Illustrations’. The purpose of the talk was to reflect upon the role of Blockchain in safeguarding Digital Identities throughout various institutions and even government. The event was moderated by Mr Jay (Mentor, Big Innovation Centre, India) who led the talk with our speakers Mr Anuj Kumar Garg, Mr Fernando Santiago-Cajaraville and Mr Kamlesh Nagware.  

 The elaborated discussion revolved around Digital Economy and New Value Creation, Retail, Consumer Goods & Lifestyle and Internet Governance with other questions taken by our speakers provided by the attendees. We also put up 2 Poll Questions that reason with the opinion of the attendees over the topic.  

 To sum up the event, Blockchain leverages establishing, tracking and maintaining Digital Identities of individuals in the internet space, backing up classified information. In case you have missed the Tech Talk, you can visit our Youtube page and watch. 

3rd March ‘Art of Innovation’

Art of Innovation

Though the topic pertains to a vast subject, it is time that we talk about Innovation and realize that we innovate every day. Change is the only constant, and it is change, that directs us to be creative to survive.  

Big Innovation Centre, India, conceptualized an idea that revolves around core Innovation. On 3rd March 2021, we hosted our first ‘BIC Conversation’ and initiated the ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship Series’. The topic was the ‘Art of Innovation’. As the topic, the Conversation held out to be unique due to the presence of two Global Experts, Prof Birgitte Andersen (CEO, Big Innovation Centre, UK) and Mr Jay (CSO, Big Innovation Centre, India). We value the environment knitted by them on 3rd March, which captivated the audience and extended the webinar to an elaborate exchange of ideas on how can we do better to receive the best.  

The webinar encapsulated within three major areas; what is Innovation and Why is it essential to implement it, Types of Innovation and Strategic Advantages through Innovation. We also had a detained presentation by Prof Birgitte Andersen that touched the surfaces of present issues that the world is dealing with. All in all, the webinar was a success that delivered what it promised to offer to its audience.  

Keep visiting us to know more about innovation and participate in such Webinars and events.  

17th February ‘Tracing the path for Supply Chain with Blockchain’

According to recent reports, the Global Blockchain Market is thriving in the postpandemic period. The Supply Chain Industry that was slowly adopting Blockchain Technology is now picking up pace. It is stated that the postpandemic Global Blockchain and Supply Chain market size has extended to a much greater number and is expected to reach from USD 253 million in the year 2020 to USD 3,272 million by 2026.  

Evaluating the present situation, it can be said that Blockchain Technology has taken a giant leap forward in the Supply chain industry. But How? 

Big Innovation Centre, India, hosted its second Blockchain Series Webinar on 17th February 2021. Referring to Blockchain Technology’s demand, there is a staggering need to clear the air about Blockchain. Thus, our webinar ‘Tracing the Path for Supply chain with Blockchain’ was our effort to discuss the Role of Blockchain in the Supply Chain Industry.  

The Webinar started with the introduction of our Moderator, Mr Jay (CSO, Big Innovation Centre, India) and the highly acclaimed Panelists, Ms Mohua Sengupta (Blockchain Evangelist and Seasoned IT Services Leader), Mr Anuj Kumar Garg (Innovation Leader, IBM) and Mr Fernando Santiago- Cajaraville. Along this, the Webinar moved the lines of a brief discussion about Blockchain and the Supply chain unification, bringing a little perspective about the rest of the session.  

The Webinar covered three major Sub- Topics, how is Blockchain remodelling the Global Supply Chain, Improving data quality with Blockchain, Supply chain financing with Blockchain and discussed the various case studies regarding, how blockchain has boosted the Global Supply chain during the Pandemic. The Webinar ended with a perspicuous summarization of Blockchain and its potential to uplift the Supply chain Market.  

If you have missed the webinar and want to hear the experts talk about it, Click Here 


20th January ‘Implementing Blockchain for Financial Transactions’

According to a report by Markets and Markets, “The Global Blockchain market size is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025, at an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 67.3% during 2020–2025.” This makes Blockchain a specific topic of interest for organizations and institutions.   

Marking the road to emphasize on this advanced solution, Big Innovation Centre India initiated its Blockchain webinar series and conducted a webinar ‘Implementing Blockchain for Financial Transactions’ on 20th January 2021. The Webinar was meant to draw some attention to the role of Blockchain in Financial Sector. The Webinar started at 4:30 PM (IST) and swept through a course of 90 mins. Though it was not reasonable, to sum up a comparatively new and massive subject like Blockchain and its relevance in the Financial Sector, our speakers were proficient to elaborate into the matter.  

We were pleased to have with us Mr Jay (Big Innovation Centre, India) as our moderator, along with Mr Fernando Santiago Cajaraville (Blockchain Research & Project Manager at Big Innovation Centre) Mr Anuj Kumar Garg (Innovation and Blockchain Leader at IBM) and Vikrant Ponkshe (BFSI Thought Leader, Fin-tech & Reg-Tech Advisor). This panel was very beautifully addressed by Mr Jay as varied experts with highly demandable experience, advocating, educating and navigating the adoption of Blockchain as a solution. 

The Subtopics that were addressed by our Speakers were: 

  1. Decentralized Banking function of Banking Sector 
  2. Exploring the opportunities provided by Blockchain to the Financial Institutions
  3. The underpinning Technology that is changing the face of Global Trade 

Pressing the Agenda: 

  1. Discussion on fundamentals of Banking Sector, Financial Institutions and Global Trade and its changing eco-systems. 
  2. What is the Future of Banking and Financial Services look like? 
  3. What do the experts think about the role of Blockchain in Multilateral Netting? 

To know more about the Webinar, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6L8Hxyp4i04L99exugnuEQ/featured

14th December ‘The Road to RegTech’

A diverse subject of discussion needs a diverse panel. Big Innovation Centre, India was graced with the notable presence of four faces of leadership and strength for our recent webinar ‘The Road to RegTech’. relatively new concept to the India audience, RegTech as we now know is the is Technology that helps streamline the process of regulatory compliance, reducing cost and time spent on regulatory operations. 

Big Innovation Centre, India hosted its very first RegTech webinar on 14th December 2020. What better way to end the year other than learning from the very best. The webinar started at 4:00 PM (IST) with the leadoff of Mr Aravazhi K (Chief Operating Officer, Big Innovation Centre, India). Following the introduction of the best suited Moderator of the Webinar, Lord Tim Clement-Jones (Chair of RegTech Programme) and the fellow panellist Mr Salman Waris (Co-chair of RegTech Programme), Mr Vikrant Ponkshe (BFSI Thought Leader, Fin-tech & Reg-Tech Advisor) and Mr Shreyas Jayasimha (Advocate/Counsel).  

It was indeed a pleasure to hear the industry experts of RegTech, FinTech, and LegalTech talk about the industry and its latent future in India and overseas. They also discussed the approach that industries are taking up to familiarize themselves with this Technology, challenges that businesses are overcoming with this new Regulatory Technology.  


30th November ‘How is Blockchain going to simplify and automate commercial transactions?’

The concept of Blockchain meant for Cryptocurrency grazes reality and truth because Blockchain is a vast concept that is benefitting the present society in various ways. One of the significant contributions is to automate commercial transaction. So, Big Innovation Centre, India produced an opportunity for all to know this Emerging Technology a lot better. We hosted a webinar on 30th November 2020. 

The insightful webinar started with the opening address of Mr Debjyoti Deb (Associate Manager Marketing, Big Innovation Centre, India) and proceeded to introduce the Moderator of the evening, Mr Jay (Chief Operating Officer for Big Innovation Centre, India). The event moved along with the introduction to our esteemed speakers, Mr Fernando Santiago Cajaraville (Blockchain Research & Project Manager at Big Innovation Centre) and Mr Anuj Kumar Garg (Innovation and Blockchain Leader at IBM). Our panellists further elaborated their views over the subtopics, which were: 

  1. How the Blockchain application is modelled and how it processes transaction?
  2. How will Blockchain evolve in the Future?