10th September ‘How are Emerging Technologies shaping the Future of Work?’

Big Innovation Centre, India presented its second webinar on ‘Future of Work’. The Webinar touched all aspects that one can find in the context of how are the emerging technologies generating scope for Future of Work.  The webinar initiated with the greetings of the host Mr Debjyoti Deb (Associate Manager Marketing, Big Innovation Centre, India) and proceeded to introduce the Moderator of the  evening, Mr Carl El Khoueiri (Bilateral Trade Relations for Big Innovation Centre, India). The event moved along with the introduction to our esteemed speakers, Mr Abdul Rehman (Head of Big Innovation Centre, India) and Mr Jay (CSO of Big Innovation Centre, India)Our panelists further elaborated their views over the subtopics, 
  • The Global Policymaking challenges for Future of Work   
  • How is the adoption of Emerging Technologies impacting the Future of Work?

28th August, B-School Conclave

Being an Innovation Partner for the B-School Conclave by ASMA, Big Innovation Centre, India was excited to be a part of the session ‘Innovations in Teaching & Learning: Will AI, ML, and New-Age Technologies Change the Course of Future Jobs?’.

18th August ‘Exploring Innovation’

Banner of the Webinar

With the webinar ‘Exploring Innovation in these difficult times’, Big Innovation Centre, India opens its presence in India. The exclusive launch of BIC India was held on 18th August 2020.

The webinar commenced with a welcome note form Mr Abdul Rehman, Head of Big Innovation Centre, India and moderated by Mr Jay, CSO, Big Innovation Centre. The event was also graced by the CEO and Co-founder of Big Innovation Centre, UK, Prof. Birgitte Andersen as the Keynote speaker and other eminent speakers from India and around the globe for the Panel Discussion. Dr Archana Mantri the Vice-Chancellor of Chitkara University, Prof. Vikas Singh the Executive Director of ITS Engineering College, Mr Kavi Chawla, Managing Partner of Baton Global and Mr Vlas Lezin, COO of Silicon Valley Innovation Centre, USA discussed over ‘Culture of Innovation’.

UK-based Big Innovation Centre opens office in Hyderabad

Big Innovation Centre (BIC), headquartered in the United Kingdom, which provides research and consulting services for the corporate, public institutes to address economic challenges and innovation capabilities, has opened its India office in Hyderabad.

Big Innovation Centre has already launched its innovation hubs in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Abdul Rehman, India Head said “Will offer thought leadership and advisory services on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality and others for more sustainable way of living and inclusivity”

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UK-based Big Innovation Centre opens office in Hyderabad