25th June ‘Role of AI: From Vaccine Development to Distribution’

It has been quite some time since we organized a webinar and deeming at the present scenario, we chose a topic that would be factual and informative for the population. Big Innovation Centre, India took this as an opportunity to address the glaring questions about Vaccine Development and Distribution carried out with the help of various Emerging Technologies like Artificial Intelligence.  

Though it was a tremendous task to find the appropriate speakers who will reflect upon this serious issue, we found our speakers who are performing groundbreaking work in the field that combines Healthcare with Technology.  

On 25th June 2021, we organized our Webinar, ‘Role of AI: From Vaccine Development to Distribution’ with Mr Jay (Mentor, Big Innovation Centre, India) as our Moderator, Ms Smriti Mishra (Head of AI, Earthbanc, Sweden) and Mr Vikram Venkateshwaran (Founder and Editor, Healthcare India).  

The Panel Discussion was framed based on three major subtopics Has AI helped the Medical Fraternity to overcome various challenges due to this Pandemic Covid-19, How will AI help to overcome this Covid-19 situation and Is AI an enabler of Vaccine Development and Distribution? If so, how is it contributing to this process?   

The Webinar touched the surface with case studies are references that also talks about the legal framework and ethical considerations for sharing data before AI. To, sum up, the webinar can be called a step towards understanding Emerging Technologies and their deployment to work towards forming a better society.