strategic innovation framework focuses on actively prioritising and implementing a workflow that is coherent, inclusive, and helps achieve a collective goal. BIC’s strategic model aims to deliver exactly that by leveraging emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Machine Learning and focusing on cybersecurity. 

Innovation Strategy Consulting

BIC’s innovation strategy consulting focuses on creating a long-term advantage to sustain and create value for businesses by co-creating strategies and embracing the right emerging technologies and resources.

We strategise by collaborating with relevant participants and collecting empirical data, building and testing prototypes of ‘what works,’ and incorporating evidence to achieve desirable results. The innovation strategy framework promises to be comprehensive, in a way that unleashes the potential of businesses, growth opportunities and creating new value by adopting emerging technologies. 

BIC’s Innovation Consulting takes a unique approach to solving enterprise problems and arriving at innovative solutions. 


Gather requirements and relevant scientific data to discover the existing portfolio of the business and its readiness in the existing digital economy

Find facts on where the business needs improvisation in terms of technology and otherwise and provide advisory services accordingly

Help in comprehensive digital transformation using our SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) technology framework 

Offer consultancy services to help execute the solutions formulated to achieve outcome-based results.  Our collaborative ecosystem will enable our members to be sustainable and adaptive to future challenges. 

Innovation Research Services

BIC India aims to collaborate with industry-leading minds and innovative ecosystems in India to formulate critical insights on Emerging Technologies, Business Modelling, and Product Breakthroughs. With our offshore research and remote-ready capabilities, we connect the world to ecosystems in India comprising startups, innovators, technology researchers, academia on concepts like emerging technologies. 

Our ecosystem of research analysts, innovators, academia, and startups will deliver the latest insights that a company or organisation requires to make informed decisions in business remodelling. 

Our research services provide

reports on sector & technology-specific information provided by seasoned experts

roadmaps and blueprints that help translate the acquired knowledge to actionable steps

strategy sessions and company meetings with our expert network for further learning and practical insights.

Our research offerings are broadly categorised into

Corporate Innovation

New Digital Business Models

Disruptive Innovation

Emerging Technologies 

Digital Transformation