CXO Innovators

CxO Innovators’ Programme – starts in Jan’ 2021 with Top 25 CxOs (Companies with 200+ employees looking to embrace emerging technologies and carry digital transformations within)

Big Innovation Centre India partners with some of the world’s most prominent innovation hubs, located in the UK, USA and Singapore.

Big Innovation Centre India CXO Innovators Programme to build a global elite of Innovation Hub Leaders, making the nation 2030 ready and highly competitive through leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

India is building a thriving economy, vibrant society and ambitious nation. Innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging and transforming sectors are vital for making the local business transformations and digital transformations.

India is consequently experiencing a growing number of accelerators and incubators, living labs, co-working spaces, exhibition centres, corporate R&D labs, policy-related evidence meetings, academic research centres, science parks, and innovation and technology centres.

Our tailored CxO programme will take 1 cohort annually to visit the UK, USA and Singapore for 1 week each quarter includes:

(Mar, June, Sep)

Innovation Hub Leadership Exchange

Knowledge Transfer: Access to Best Practice Tools, Immersion Programmes, Frameworks & 
Future-tech Knowledge

Adventure Trip, Visits and Social Events

We expect initial cohort of CxOs start in 2021


  • We will add leadership capability significantly to the Indian ecosystem of growth hubs.
  • We will develop international linkages across the UK, USA and Singapore growth hubs, which will have a lasting effect.
  • We will continue to support the group post the CxO by creating an ‘alumina’ of Innovation Hub leaders.
  • The CxO community will grow to become a support elite-network in building India’s 2030 digital transformation roadmap.


Innovate UK

Silicon Valley Innovation Center, USA