Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre is a time-tested platform that we offer to organisations and corporates to come together and co-create an innovation ecosystem that benefits stakeholders from various disciplines. 

The main goal of BIC in India is to level the Indian innovation capabilities on par with the rest of the world. BIC works closely with Indian organisations and corporations to disrupt their business model, introduce innovation strategies and rebuild their abilities focussed on technological advancements.

Setting up the Innovation Centre is done in two phases namely innovation strategy consulting and establishing innovation centres. 

BIC aspires to rebuild the Indian society to be on par with its international players by imbibing innovation, creativity, and technology. We also extend our established network of innovation influencers from universities, public bodies, technology partners, companies and organisations who incorporate the time-tested strategies to achieve our common goal.

Our main purpose is to: 

Build Indian corporates and organisations on par with international players by empowering them to adapt to emerging technologies, and innovation in business models 

Extend our established network of innovation influencers from universities, public entities and other organisations to highlight tried and tested innovation strategies

Work with think-tanks and task forces to co-create open innovation ecosystem