Innovation Eye

Big Innovation Centre India- Innovation Eye

Innovation Eye is one of the BIC’s very own platforms that is an archive of carefully constructed data maps that address ‘who is who’ in the digital economy. The data maps depict the relationship between emerging and current technologies and an organisation’s current setting.

The data maps are carefully constructed to use diagnostic tools to discern focus areas on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. Innovation Eye will help identify new opportunities and bring the stakeholders closer to achieving their collective goal. 

All stakeholders in the ecosystem responding and adapting to the newer and innovative technologies will effectively maximise their digital potential and come up with state-of-the-art digital products or platforms. Innovation Eye aims to deliver the same by mapping the supply chain of businesses, innovators, investors, technology partners, academia, and influencers and provide thought leadership to enhance the innovation landscape.

Innovation Eye focuses on viable sectors, their ability to evolve in the innovation ecosystem in line with the technological journey and boost these sectors to become more efficient. Adopting modern technologies can be beneficial for businesses not just in terms of efficiency but also attract funding and seasoned professionals to join them, ergo adding value to the business.