Innovation Map

Identifying what kind of an innovator you are and offering empirical models and strategies to maximise your growth potential is all the Innovation Map does. Recognising the innate innovation abilities of an organisation or company is the critical criteria for BIC to make the Innovation Map work in your favour.

Innovation map works strategically at harnessing your innovation capabilities and helps identify your organisation or company’s strength by asking the most rudimentary and essential question: ‘what kind of an innovator are you?’

How does the Innovation Map work?

We have an online app where you can sign up and explore the profile of your organisation, find out your innovative calibre and compare your results with the perspective of our thought leaders. Our thought leaders will mull over your profile and share their views on your existing strategic management, entrepreneurship and organisational capacity and directives on how to become a successful innovator.

We support the vision of any organisation, government entity, or institute to lead in product and service excellence with their innovative flair. We help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in your innovation performance and provide consistent support to improvise your innovation strategies.