BIC India’s Membership is a unique privilege to have access to global knowledge, a community of experts, cutting edge technologies, insights into new digital business models, immersion programs, network of successful entrepreneurs from various disciplines. 

Our members get educated on emerging technologies, learn to formulate strategies to consistently grow their business and empower themselves with real-time industry experiences shared by experts. 

Members get to blend their experiential learning with domain-specific crafted research. It will not only enhance personal knowledge but also encourage our members to set new aspirations for future innovation.

Freemium Membership Benefits

  • Access to Think Tank, which is a network of individuals, entrepreneurs, public bodies, and enterprises 
  • Access to a series of online courses which are self-paced and instructor-led, and workshops covering topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Innovation Management System, etc
  • Access to our global exchange platform – Pavilion which connects global experts and participants in various disciplines 
  • Access to a number of research papers and publications on emerging technologies and thought-provoking video resources 
  • Access to our webinar sessions on themes such as Innovation, Global, Trade, Technology, and Skills which are monumental for a future-ready societal ecosystem.

Membership Types


Individual Membership- Ideal for students and working professionals. They get access to our resources based on the membership they choose. 
  • Students– Our student members gain full or limited access to our very own platform – Pavilion, Training, Webinars, and Practices. They can avail discounts to attend Workshops conducted by our knowledge partners
  • Working Professionals– Our working professional members gain full or limited access to Pavilion, Training, Webinars, Workshops, and Practices
Special Memberships- Our special membership programme is for: 
  • Fellowships- ideal for researchers and intellectuals who are looking to publish their papers. They can publish their papers on our Pavilion platform and also gain access to global research content available on Pavilion
  • Entrepreneurs- Ideal for startups who wish to join a hub of similar startups and gain access to our CXO Innovators Programme to further their experiential learning


Our student members gain limited access to our resources at no cost. They can also avail discounts on the workshops and webinars we periodically conduct

Our working professional members gain limited access to our resources at no cost, avail discounts on workshops and webinars, and also gain limited access to our long-term executive programmes on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and RegTech.


This is our intermediate membership level. It offers our student members to gain limited access to our platform, full access to our self-paced learning program & webinars, and avail discounts on workshops.

Our working professional members gain full access to our training programs, Pavilion platform, webinars, and avail discounts on our workshops.

Monthly ₹2990/-*
Annually ₹35,880/-*



Our student members get full access to our pavilion platform, interactive online courses, avail discounts on workshops and limited access to webinars. Our working professional members gain full access to our resources, interactive online courses, workshops and webinars.
  • UK Diploma
  • Certificate
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • 100% Online
  • From UK Faculty

Institutional Membership Packages

BIC’s Institutional Membership Packages are suitable for colleges and universities. We offer different packages to different colleges or universities based on their size and capacity
  • Small institution – College or University with less than 2500 students
  • Medium institutionCollege or University with more than 2500 students
  • Large institutionCollege or University with more than 5000 students. 


Our India Ecosystem membership programme is suitable for enterprises who are willing to join a hub of thought leaders, innovators, and intellectuals who co-create strategy and innovation frameworks to achieve a collective goal. They can interact with our
  • Knowledge Connect Partner – Consulting and Research companies like Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte contribute to webinars and participate with research inputs in various programmes
  • Industry Connect Partner – Leading Technology  companies like Google,  Microsoft, and IBM and industry vendors contribute to webinars, deliver workshops and showcase solutions
  • Government Connect Partner – participates, contributes and collaborates as an ecosystem player