Global Knowledge Exchange Platform- Pavilion

Pavilion is a technological platform introduced by Big Innovation Centre to ultimately bring together all the stakeholders of society. Stakeholders include government institutions, businesses, academia, and independent citizens who are all co-innovators on Pavilion who are driven by a shared goal of creating a future-ready adaptive environment for all.

Pavilion is a feature-rich platform that enables our stakeholders to access resources and connect with knowledge providers from across the globe. You can gain access to our Pavilion platform by becoming a Member.

Key Features of Pavilion

The success of Pavilion and its stakeholders are reliant on the key features mentioned below. The knowledge content in Pavilion is visible only to its members. Pavilion can be “open” (public) or “closed” (membership by invitation).

  • Pavilion Wall – It is a live repository for content related to AI and Blockchain. Our members can view posts, like, share and comment here.
  • Members – Members section shows all Pavilion members being a part of Platform and of the broader knowledge-based community can collaborate, share and engage with each other. The feature allows searching and communicating with the key members including the chair, vice-chair as relevant. Members earn incentives points with each interaction and contribution of them on the Platform. Instant messaging is possible using the chat functionality feature between the members.
  • Notifications – Provides an update of recent content added to the Pavilion. Members can activate notifications and also personalise them as per their interest. Members will be receiving notifications for all meetings, events, news, publications, polls, surveys and library updates. These notifications can be set up for web and mobile as required.
  • Events – Shows meeting agendas, attendees, information of upcoming, current and past events. Members can search, join and review all the events. Multiple events can be set up such as evidence meetings, advisory board meetings, dinner and annual reception. Members can view all past and recent activities. Details (time, location, etc.) of the upcoming events will be listed on the Platform for convenience. The Platform will also display the members who have shown interests in the upcoming events. Events can be scheduled either online or at any physical location. Events that are scheduled can be handled using a web conferencing tool.
  • Media Centre – Allows members to view news and articles, videos, links and discussion topics to Pavilion along with publications. Publications provide easy access to the library including think pieces, research reports, press releases, provocation reports and others. These publications are available for download, can be purchased and are supported by a feature like create a Wishlist.
  • Task Forces – Task Forces are the workgroups within Pavilions organised by topics for discussions, blogs and relevant news. Task forces are the groups where members can create smaller working groups in a Pavilion. Creating task forces in a Pavilion will allow members to form focussed groups with their own calendars, files and discussions.
  • Library – Allow members to quickly access documents, spreadsheets, gallery and other files relevant to the Pavilion. It is a place where all documents, meeting notes, evidence meetings are made available for easy access.
  • Polls and Surveys – Members can participate and share their perspectives on specific polls using interactive poll and survey features on Pavilion. Members will also be able to see the analytical results once the polls are finished.
  • Shop – This is like a merchandising feature and is aimed to drive brand engagement and awareness of the Platform. Using this feature, members can purchase/redeem tickets, reports or shop etc.