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Big Innovation Centre India hosts platforms that are conducive to achieving the collective goal of making the society a more purposeful and inclusive ecosystem. Our platforms are designed to incorporate innovative operations in a business.

BIC India Platforms are ideal for students, and academia like colleges & universities. The idea is to raise our stakeholders innovative capabilities and empower them to become our Task Forces who will later be responsible for creating a robust innovative societal ecosystem.



Pavilion is a technological platform introduced by Big Innovation Centre to ultimately bring together all the stakeholders of society. Our stakeholders include government institutions, businesses, academia, and independent citizens who are all co-innovators on

Pavilion driven by a shared goal of creating a future-ready adaptive environment for all.

Pavilion is a feature-rich platform that enables our stakeholders to access resources and connect with knowledge providers from across the globe. Gain access to our Pavilion platform by choosing a suitable membership for yourself.

Innovation Eye

Big Innovation Centre India- Innovation Eye

Innovation Eye is one of the BIC’s very own platforms that is an archive of carefully constructed data maps that address ‘who is who’ in the digital economy. The data maps depict the relationship between emerging and current technologies and an organisation’s current setting.

The data maps are carefully constructed to use diagnostic tools to discern focus areas on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. Innovation Eye will help identify new opportunities and bring the stakeholders closer to achieving their collective goal. 

Innovation Map

Identifying what kind of an innovator you are and offering empirical models and strategies to maximise your growth potential is all the Innovation Map does. Recognising the innate innovation abilities of an organisation or company is the critical criteria for BIC to make the Innovation Map work in your favour. 

Innovation map works strategically at harnessing your innovation capabilities. It helps identify your organisation or company’s strength by asking the most rudimentary and essential question: ‘What kind of an innovator are you?’


Frameworks are models proprietarily created by Big Innovation Centre to achieve a specific outcome. Our frameworks are straightforward that lets everyday users manoeuvre and get their desired results. BIC’s Frameworks and Platforms work hand-in-hand to achieve user goals.

Our Frameworks helps in creating an Innovation Portfolio that identifies new opportunities, threats, and stakeholders for a business. Once the Innovation Portfolio is framed, we assist in designing, developing, and deploying innovative strategies to address any gaps that impede the growth of a business.

Innovation Lab

An exclusive and stimulating platform that empowers young and vibrant students to embrace futuristic technologies to solve socio-economic problems by devising a creative innovation ecosystem. Our Innovation Lab is also suitable for academia like colleges and universities.

BIC helps institutions to create incubation centres where raw ideas are converted into real-time business models that solve societal issues. Our Innovation Labs operates in a Think Tank model which comprises students, management, faculty, technology partners, and sponsors. 

Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre is a time-tested platform that we offer to organisations and corporates to come together and co-create an innovation ecosystem that benefits stakeholders from various disciplines. 

The main goal of BIC in India is to level the Indian innovation capabilities on par with the rest of the world. BIC works closely with Indian organisations and corporations to disrupt their business model, introduce innovation strategies and rebuild their abilities focussed on technological advancements.

Big Innovation Centre India- Innovation Centre

Our team ardently demonstrates their passion for making the world much more meaningful and inclusive by using the right technology, adopting creativity and imbibing innovation in every step of the way.