Emerging technology is becoming increasingly mainstream in professional and personal lives of people. It plays a crucial role in every process involved in business operations. Digital India is an initiative by the Indian Government to transform the nation into a digitally empowered knowledge economy including the grassroots in our society.  

BIC India Programmes aspires to contribute to Digital India through the transformation of societal interactions journey by employing emerging technologies.

Our programmes are carefully designed to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem and also consistently evolving based on contemporary demands. Our programmes include:


All the below mentioned Programmes are executed with the help of multiple Task Forces respective to each Programme


Big Innovation Centre’s Task Forces act as the key link connecting all stakeholders and are responsible for translating crowd-sourced evidence-based learnings to actionable insights. 

Our task forces aim to create a societal ecosystem that works based on Innovation, Communication, Open-mindedness, Transparency, and Trust. The stakeholders in this ecosystem will co-exist to co-create the best working solutions for a real-time problem that affects society.  

BIC’s Task Forces operate on a unique Quadruple-Helix model where the Civil Society is the unique factor to this model, unlike others. We take a bottom-up approach using this model to best explain how innovation has an impact on all levels of stakeholders in an ecosystem.