RegTech & LegalTech


The regulatory changes and technological advancements post global-crisis are fundamentally changing the nature of  financial markets, services, and institutions. RegTech is the use of emerging technologies in the context of regulatory monitoring, reporting, and compliance.

The RegTech community comprises Regulatory and Legislative bodies, RegTech firms, and Financial Institutions at large. RegTech is the fastest-growing element in financial innovation. It employs emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Computing, and Cloud services to higher efficiency.

Our think-tank and other innovation thought leaders would empower our RegTech community to leverage emerging technologies and improve efficiency and security.

We are the ‘What Works’ innovators and implementors

The thought leadership sessions together with invited businesses, policy leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, universities, youth and civil society, will discuss a mix of topics.

BIC India’s RegTech Programme will also offer

  • Access to global digital community exchange through “Pavilion platform” that allows members to look at Timeline, Followers, Events, Gallery and Collections
  • Series of “thought leaderships” virtual events, in addition, Fireside chats to extrapolate the transformation of ideas into strategy
  • Insights to incorporate emerging technologies in regulatory compliance aspects such as Identity Management and Control, Risk Management,  Regulatory Reporting, and Transaction Monitoring
  • RegTech Lab solutions available to institutions, corporations, family-owned business and others towards the end of the programme


Legal Technology is the effective use of emerging technologies to provide and aid legal services. The developments present an opportunity for numerous reputable firms to adapt to a progressively popular agile working environment to improve overall efficiency.

Emerging Technologies used in Legal Tech: 
  1. Analysing legal documents, identifying and nullifying threats using AI/ ML algorithms
  2. Automating and managing document and contracts, and negotiating clauses
  3. Digitalising and automating workflow tools
  4. Drawing self-executing legal contracts using DLT, IoT, and others
  5. Fabricating solutions that simplify and automate e-discovery stages
  6. Deploying legal chatbots using AI/ML
  7. Presenting firms on digital platforms for visibility and branding
  8. Ensuring data security using DLT
  9. Enabling cloud-based databases using cloud computing
All the above-mentioned Programmes are executed with the help of multiple Task Forces respective to each Programme