An AI-enabled World post Covid-19

An AI-enabled World post Covid-19

AI has been changing and transforming all facets of modern businesses and creating great convenience for individuals through its applications. Both Artificial Intelligence and automation have been playing crucial roles in the new wave of digitalization. Though Covid-19 has generated havoc in people’s lives, it will be interesting to see how AI will reshape our world and our daily lives?  

We are already witnessing the adoption of Artificial Intelligence Technology in various businesses, which is exactly what is expected to be proliferating. We already know that the post Covid-19 era won’t be the same; however, it is evident to uplift the ‘New Normal’ and regenerate our economies. Big Innovation Centre India is all about building Emerging Technology induced ecosystems that help society. So, let’s find out what would the AI-enabled World for the post Covid-19 period look like. 

  • Education and Business Communication 

It can’t be denied that we have been quite accustomed to the new form of communication. Virtual Meetings, Webinars and Webcasts is the new venue for business gatherings. Even creating Smart Campaigns by analyzing and forecasting the value per click of individual ads based on its copy and its target parameters. The emergence of smart call centres that uses Voice-Over Internet Protocol Technology in order to model a wireless customer service experience. 

If we talk about Education, academia has already transformed in the past two years, and AI is paving its way to streamline other peripherals of the industry like automating administration, providing personalized guidance to students, creating smart content over the web etc.  

  • Virtual Assistants 

According to the report by Statista, From the year 2020, there has been a significant increase in the deployment of virtual assistants. There were around 4.2 billion digital voice assistants that were being used in various devices around the globe. It is speculated that by the year 2024, the number of digital voice assistants will rise to 8.4 billion units.  

AI-based Digital Assistants use Natural Language Processing Technology (NLP) to convert human communication into algorithms and replies. The post-Covid period looks promising for Virtual Assistants to enter various other segments of industries like healthcare for data exploration etc.  

  • AI and IoT 

Emerging Technologies are making a better world for us, and the integration of AI and IoT has provided the world with a higher sense of accessibility, availability and interoperability. AI will strengthen the core of IoT, eliminated cyber-attack risks. Since the post Covid-19 period, it is inclined towards a digital frontier, detecting such cyber threats is crucial for the protection of digital information and identity.  

  • Tracking and Security  

A smart environment requires various emerging technology applications and thus building a safe and secure environment with Artificial Intelligence. Interoperability is a significant aspect that provides accessibility to individuals, industries and even government, like Security, Surveillance etc. Computer vision-based tools are used to track and identify individuals wearing masks and maintain social distancing in public places like gyms, malls, parks, etc.    

It can also help to curb the spread of Covid-19 by tracking an individual’s footprint through a Digital HealthMap. These Health Maps can be used while travelling as a health passport. Various countries are implementing stricter measures to avoid severe situations, and thus, these Digital Health maps are an ideal way to keep track of an entire population. 

  • Robots and Automation 

Sanitation is a staggering issue that needs immediate attention for the health and safety of people. Businesses are investing a great some of their revenue in maintaining the sanitation of offices, factories, warehouses etc. It also involves human labour along with capita; thus, the rise in automation and robots will be becoming quite popular in recent times. UV sanitation robots can be deployed to sanitize rooms, conference halls by programming a schedule. It is AI-enabled and would be an excellent addition, even called an asset to any business or organization.  


Robotics and Automation, Virtual Assistants, chatbots, AI-based surveillance systems and communication methods would soon be a normal part of our lives and a parcel of this data-driven economy. It would just not help us battle this covid situation but also drive our economy into a prosperous future. The phenomenal advancements in AI are helping various industries survive and overcome the most prominent health crisis. The Future of Artificial Intelligence is bright as I will prepare ourselves to develop strategies that will mitigate further risks and avert any impending disasters like the Covid-19.