Task Forces

Big Innovation Centre’s Task Forces act as the vital link connecting all stakeholders and are responsible for translating crowd-sourced evidence-based learnings to actionable insights.

Our task forces aim to create a societal ecosystem that works based on Innovation, Communication, Open-mindedness, Transparency, and Trust. The stakeholders in this ecosystem will co-exist to co-create the best working solutions for a real-time problem that affects society. 

BIC’s Task Forces operate on a unique Quadruple-Helix model where the Civil Society is the unique factor to this model, unlike others. We take a bottom-up approach using this model to explain best how innovation has an impact on all levels of stakeholders in an ecosystem.

The four contributors to the Quadruple-Helix model are:

Government – Policymakers and civil servants
Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Financiers
Universities and R&D institutions

Some of the Task Forces held in UK

  • Big Innovation Map – Helps in self-auditing innovation profile of organisations and companies so they can enhance their strategy design and building.
  • Trusted Data Accelerator – It’s a blueprint for data meshing from business to business data sets with integrated cybersecurity.
  • Lab of Labs- in other words, “Open Innovation Labs” are virtual or physical spaces where experiences are shared. This platform enhances the efficiency of stakeholders by solving societal problems that cannot be solved in-house.
  • The Purposeful Company – Helps in transforming businesses to meaningful companies by incorporating Research and Policy Reports in the fields of governance, remuneration, legal compliance, etc. This adds value to the business as they serve the societal needs in a better way.
  • Intangible Gold – This ‘Operational Measurement Standard and Tool’ helps in classifying, measuring, and valuing IP. Recognised by companies, organisations, and financial institutions, the Intangible Gold helps manage intangibles more efficiently.
  • Intellectual Property Exchange – Helps in improvising IP trade and IP Governance with a standardised and automated online approach, while complying with national and international IP regulations.
  • Entrepreneurial Financial Hub- Entrepreneurial Financial Hub- Aims to develop schemes for long-term finance for businesses by linking finance systems from companies who are rich in intangible assets, like business angels, venture capitalist, crowdsourcing, private equity, loans etc.