BIC India organises thought-provoking and solution-driven webinar sessions for our members and knowledge-enriching webinars for non-members. Our webinars will be completely interactive and focus on areas that have a tremendous impact on society and the economy. Webinars are conducted by leading industry and subject matter experts from different parts of the globe. 

We empower our participants with the knowledge of how emerging technologies impact our society, the skills one should hone to be future-ready, and how innovation plays a significant role in a society and business ecosystem.


BIC India will conduct theme-based webinars covering an array of topics that are extremely essential for our participants to solve the arising societal problems. 

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation has become crucial for any business or individuals to thrive. We conduct webinars that empower individuals and corporates to incorporate innovation in their strategic planning, business remodelling, and create new value.


Innovation Strategy | Business Transformation
Enterprise Adoption | Data Governance | Research


Our webinars cover a wide range of global issues that have been affecting the planet significantly. Global topics include Climate Change, Sustainable environment, Education, and Health & Wellness.


Health & Wellness | Education
Climate Change | Sustainable Cities


We know how imperative trading is to a global ecosystem at large. Our webinars focus on a series of national and international trade related topics like Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, UK-India investments, and UK-India G2G collaborations.


UK-India G2G Series | UK-India Investments
Finance | Pharma | Agri | Energy

Emerging Technology

Emerging technology plays a crucial role in the growth of society and businesses. It is imperative for individuals and corporates to embrace emerging technologies to be 2030 ready. Our technology webinars include some of the emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT.


Artificial Intelligence | Blockchain | Cybersecurity
Fintech | Legaltech | Health Tech


Our skill-based webinars include topics like Design Thinking, Future of Work, Innovation Culture, Innovation Language and many others that solely focus on enhancing our participants’ skills to be on par with global competition.


Emerging Tech | Future of Work | Design Thinking
Innovation Labs | Innovation Centre


BIC India’s Webinar sessions are not like regular webinars. We follow different formats and types of seminars that suit a topic the best.


Experts share knowledge on select topics that enable participants to learn and implement acquired knowledge real-time.

Hot Topic

Our subject matter experts will share their perspectives and insightful knowledge on a trending topic which our participants can adopt and act on.

Evidence Meetings

Team of experts and professionals will conduct Evidence Meetings where they discuss and debate on provocative concerns as raised by all think tank members, collect crowdsourced empirical data to arrive at a working solution for the problem.

Tech Talks

Our Tech Talks are more focused, domain-specific and cover an array of tech topics pertinent to innovation and future-proof.

Open Discussion

These webinars would schedule open public forums and call for a more inclusive approach in adoption on General Purpose Technologies (GPTs) at local and global levels

BIC Talks

Our experts share their experiential learnings on the role of technology and innovation in business and enhance our participants’ skills to implement the learnings in their line of work.

Panel Discussion

This moderator facilitated webinar will be helpful for both members and experts to engage in discussions on trending topics virtually or physically.

Briefing Sessions

These instructional sessions are specifically designed for our members to interact with our experts on any topic pertinent to their personal or organisational growth.


Showcase is a repository of previous webinars and activities that our members can use to search and access particular topics that are beneficial to them

Thought Leadership

It is an opportunity for our expert community to share their experience and focus on their personal growth.

On Demand

Many of the webinar approaches as discussed in this section will also be available as recorded "on-demand" series (available through Pavilion platform)

Virtual Reality

This session enables our members to gain hands-on experience on topics related to innovation and technology


Interactive workshops will be delivered by our industry partners in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other emerging technologies. These workshops will give young graduates and IT professionals to experience these emerging technologies in action as a hands-on session

Our Experts